Bogolan mud cloth GROUPE BOGOLAN KASOBANE Motif "Antelope"

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Bogolan mud cloth manufactured by GROUPE BOGOLAN KASOBANE Tuareg MaliMotif "Antelope"

Bogolan (mud cloth made with mud) is the product of an African weaving and dyeing technique originally native to Mali.

Bogolan are roughly textured and handwoven strips of cotton that are about four to six inches wide and sewn together. Traditionally, the cotton strips are woven by men.
The intricate designs are made by women through repeated application of mud and sap extracted from both leaves and tree bark. The dyeing process is extremely time consuming, making the product a highly desirable item. Bogolan has become an internationally recognized symbol of African style.

This piece was made by the well-known Groupe Bogolan Kasobane from Mali.
Dimensions hxw 123x68cm