Stamp "Bamako"

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Watercolor on stamp paper. Made in 2004. HxW 44x28mm.

These stamps are as unique as the content of the letter they carry. They convey the message of the letter in encoded short form. They can only be understood by the recipient, for they cannot be read with reason and logic, but only with heart and empathy. The 50 stamps were created in a creative period between 1992 and 2004. Until recently, the complete stamps were in a collection not intended for sale, which is now being dissolved.

Comments on the stamps:

Christof Wackernagel, the actor, has painted three very abstract holy kings that are so good I would hang them up in the kitchen. (Dr Christine Westermann).

Taken as a whole, Christof Wackernagel's symbols represent nothing less than an interactive universal communication system that puts all languages ​​in the foreground. (Claudia Tarabay).

With his paintings, Christof Wackernagel presents contemporary, idiosyncratic images that are as exciting and hidden as hieroglyphs. The array of geometrically ordered series of abstract figures on each sheet evoke signs needed to read and decipher them, functioning as encoded stories in their composition. They serve the viewer as a stimulus for free association to puzzle and unravel. (Ulrich Fischer).

It not only catches the eye – thoughts jump too. (Prof. Günter – Head of the Bavarian Surveying Office).

The character images cannot be mastered without imagination, but also not without humor and reflective thinking. You can try putting the character pictures together as a rebus, reading them like a cryptogram, making the markers like the letters into a word, or the words into a sentence, or sentences into an image. It is also conceivable to take the symbols of an image for themselves, giving some meaning and others just beauty. (Dirk).

New traditions based on pushing a combination of classic modern, avant-garde and contemporary art for the masses: Modern goes Pop Art! (F.K., exhibition visitor).