Tower Mali (with secret compartment)

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A masterpiece and unique! The tower is elaborately completely covered with leather and lovingly and detailed with countless typical embossings. The tower consists of a total of six parts.

Element 1 - The pedestal. With a floor area of ​​approx. 34 x 34 centimetres, this unit forms the foundation of the tower and contains two drawers one above the other on the opposite sides. When setting up the tower, the drawers can be aligned forwards and backwards or left and right according to personal preference.

Element 2 - The Secret Compartment The Pearl of the Tower! with appropriate care, the tower can be folded back like an attachment on a small casket, revealing a secret storage compartment.

Element 3 - The Drawer Element This tier is approximately 11 x 12 x 6 cm and includes a front facing drawer.

Element 4 - The showcase The showcase has a size of approx. (hxwxd) 22 x 20 x 22 cm). The front is the door which is locked with two locks on the right.

Element 5 - The roof The removable roof reveals another secret compartment.

Element 6 - Mali The borders of Mali, framed in leather, are attached to the roof element. The total height of the tower is about 95 centimeters. The tower comes disassembled and is easy to put together. No tools or fastening material such as screws are required.