Our artists

Christopher Wackernagel.

Born in Ulm in 1951, schooled in Munich. From 1967 member of the Stuttgart media commune "production community writing, sound and image", which had set itself the goal of combining the social-revolutionary political currents that were alive at the time with the subcultural artistic ones in the sense of a unity of coexistence and political movement, and Wilhelm Reich, the » living theatre«, but also published unknown artists, performed as a music group and produced Super 8 and video films, most recently »The Vietnam War is not yet over in Germany«; as an actor leading role in the film "Tatoo" and others, continuous series roles and television plays. 1977 member of the Red Army Faction, imprisonment in Amsterdam and 1980 sentence in Düsseldorf to fifteen years imprisonment. Since 1987 living in Bochum as an author, inventor of signs and actor. 1999 Initiator of the »peace caravan« culture caravan project. Living in Bamako, Mali, from 2003 to 2013, since then back in Germany. Publications: "Nadja." (Stroemfeld-Roter Stern 1983), "Pictures at an Exhibition" (Rowohlt 1986), "Gadhafi lets ask" (zuKlampe 2002), "es" (zuKlampe 2011), "The Curse of the Dogon" (Nautilus 2011), »Dieu est Grand« (Martin Schmitz 2012), »Talking instead of shooting« (Prospero 2013), »mendacious, stupid and outrageous« (Oktoberverlag 2015), »Self-kidnapping (Retap 2016), »RAF or Hollywood (zuKlampe 2017 ), "Work of art dream - key to utopia", as well as three volumes "Dream Protocols 1979 to 2020" 2020 at zuKlampe.

Nini Önözden.

Nini S. Önözden, born in 1969 in Adana, Turkey. After graduating from high school in Germany, she returned to Turkey in 1984. In 1998 she graduated from Çukurova University of Painting with a master's degree. From 2005 to 2017 she taught at the Faculty of Education at Çukurova University. Between 1999 and 2022, Nini worked as an art teacher and head of the Fine Arts Department at Adana Gündoğdu College. Nini was director of the Gündoğdu Art Gallery, which is affiliated with the Gündoğdu Foundation founded in 2016, until 2022. With the Goethe-Institut South Korea, she realized the project "German Education with Drama Method" in South Korea. With the projects of the Goethe-Institut, she offers German learning training using the drama method in Germany and abroad. Nini S. Önözden continues her work in her own workshop in Adana.

PERSONAL EXHIBITIONS: 1996 Art Gallery Kresslersmühle - GERMANY/ AUGSBURG 1997 Anatolian Fine Arts Center Gallery - ADANA 1998 ACS Art Gallery - ADANA 2002 Hilton Art Gallery - ADANA 2003 Maliye Art Gallery - ADANA 2009 Altan Art Gallery - ADANA 2017 Gundogdu Art Gallery - ADANA 2019 Gundogdu Art Gallery -ADANA MIXED EXHIBITIONS: 2006-Adana Caucasian Culture Association: Painting-Sculpture Exhibition-ADANA 2008 - Adana Caucasian Culture Association: 7th Traditional Painting-Sculpture-Ceramics Exhibition - ADANA 2010 - Altan Art Gallery: Artists of the Republic in its 87th Anniversary – 1 Exhibition – ADANA 2013-Çukurova University Mithat Özhan Amphitheater: “Ahde Vefa” Exhibition – ADANA 2018 – Gündogdu Art Gallery: Exhibition “Squares of Life” – ADANA 2019-Turkish World International Painting Workshop and Exhibition-ADANA 2019-Adana 13th International Çukurova Art Days Group Exhibition-ADANA 2019-IZMIR Alaçati ''Veryeriler Group Herb Festival'' Painting Exhibition-Izmir 2019-Gündoğdu Art Gallery: ''Pop up'' Exhibition-ADANA 2019 - Adana Go Office - "Colors of the Lower Floor" Art Workshop and Group Exhibition - ADANA 2019 - International Plastic Arts Association Gallery: Exhibition "I remember everything" – ISTANBUL 2019-Habitat Hotel "Sarikamis Kars Painting Workshop" and Exhibition -KARS 2020-National Exhibition "Antikye Art Meeting"-HATAY 2020-Vagabond "PopUp" Art Store - ONLINE Exhibition 2020-Vagabond "Art Exhibition"-ONLINE Exhibition 2021 -75th Anniversary Art Gallery: 'October Gateway Adana' 'Exhibition-ADANA 2021 – Gündoğdu Art Gallery: Exhibition “Toros” – ADANA 2021-Ataturk Cultural Center of Yenişehir Ahmet Yeşil Municipality Art Future “MINIPAINT” National Group Painting Exhibition-MERSIN 2021-Korart Art Gallery "Welcome to the New Year" "Group Painting Exhibition-ADANA 2022-Pinelo Art Galery''Club for Unesco Pireus & Islands ExhibitionHall''Group Painting Exhibition-Athena 2022-Bodrum Art Fair. Gallery Gala of Istanbul-Bodrum 2022-Granada Art Fair.Maraka Art –Spain 2022-Contemporary BARCELONA En Route Fine Arts –Spain 2022-Kartal Istanbul 21st Anniversary OCTOBER PASSAGE Mixed Exhibition of Painting, Sculpture, Photography-İSTANBUL 2022-Gallery A' 'Four ARTist''Four People for Art Group Exhibition-Izmir 2022-OCTOBER PASSAGE 21ST ANNUAL EXHIBITION ADANA Mixed Painting, Sculpture, Photograph Exhibition-ADANA 2022-SOUTH INITIATIVE Group Painting Exhibition-ANTEP.

Abdel Karim Yattara.